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Not ready to think about life after school yet? Not sure what kind of job you would like?

Some people know from an early age what they want to do in life. But that kind of certainty is rare, most of us haven’t got a clue!

You don’t have to know exactly what you’d like to do after school right now, but it’s good to start exploring your options.

Where can you start? Well, the best place to start is with what’s right here: YOU. What are your likes and dislikes and interests? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

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The activity in the following pages is Adapted from Valerie Khoo’s ‘So Now What?: How to figure out the rest of your life’ 2005

Why not start exploring?

Some things you can do right now...

What things can you do right now?

Gather information + self-knowledge
= good decisions


Step one: list anything you love doing or are passionate about.

Could be... 'looking after animals or the environment'

List 'Anything you love doing' in the box provided

(Write your list straight into the box and we'll save this for you for later in the activity)

Step two: make a list of anything you're interested in, curious about or enjoy doing.

Could be things like... 'Playing sport, computer games, cooking, travelling, swimming or listening to music'

List 'your interests' in the box provided

Nice work!!!!
You've identified some things you're passionate about and are interested in and the skills that you either have now or you'd like to have.

Remember it doesn't matter if you're not yet skilled at
something because you can always learn.

Step three: Write down things you're good at. It can be anything. Perhaps things that appeal to you that you'd like to improve on or learn.

Could be things like... 'Skateboarding, computers, playing guitar, listening to friends or your best subjects at school'

List 'things you're good at' in the box provided

Step four: Let's combine your favourite things and interests with your skills

This is the fun part, dreaming up all your possible combinations. Let's see an example.

Gabi's Example

Gabi is studying a Bachelor of Art, majoring in Japanese.

Here's what her lists looked like.

Favourite things/interests list

  • Animals
  • Seeing live bands
  • Photography
  • Coaching netball
  • Kickboxing
  • Movies and collecting movie memorabilia

Skills list

  • Designing
  • Teaching kids
  • Japanese language
  • Digital camera editing on PC

Possible combinations/Dream list

  • Japanese language teacher
  • Sports/wildlife/music photographer
  • Designing album covers
  • Teaching sport/netball photography in Japan
  • Japanese language translator for production crews in Australia
  • Animal handler on movie sets
  • Researcher for movie writer

Time to make your own combinations. Explore various options until you find a combination that 'fits' and feels right.

The goal is to find a career path that lets you use your skills and fits your interests

'Love doing' list

Please go back and create your list

'Things you're good at' list

Please go back and create your list

List 'your career combinations' in the box provided

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