I definitely know what I want to do after school

You know what you want to do and how to get there. Everyone says you’ll be good at your chosen career.

Great – you are on the path to a career!

Make sure you have explored your options for study. There are 43 universities in Australia and they offer courses and degrees which vary in length, study mode, pre requisites, accommodation, cost and graduate outcomes.

There are many ways to get to your chosen job or career once you graduate from a university.

Be sure you understand what university is about and what the expectations are of you as a uni student.

Why not start exploring?

Some things you can do right now...

What things can you do right now?

Complete the online free course What’s Uni Like?


Read and understand your state’s university guide eg UAC, VTAC


Check out the Good Universities Guide


Think and plan for new challenges e.g. leaving home


Think about new friends, support groups and networks


Be wise and ask for support and advice


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