Resources & links


Career exploration

Looking for inspiration? Explore the sites below to find possible career pathways for you!


On the myfuture site you can complete a detailed quiz that assess your interests, abilities and key skills. Once finished, the site provides you with a career profile and suggests a range of best-match career choices.

Ace Day Jobs

Ace day jobs is a series of five minute video episodes of Australians with innovative careers. It’s about people who really love their work and how they got into it.

Enquiring Minds

This is a fun, interactive site where you can learn about different careers and what people working in those jobs actually do.

Make Your Mark

This website helps you explore the different careers and employment opportunities out there by matching them with your skills and interests.

Job Outlook Career Quiz

Take the Job Outlook Career Quiz to help you identify the types of work you most like doing.

Think Your Way

Year in, year out, more and more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are thinking big about their future. Think Your Way showcases their stories. Check out the site and be inspired to Think Your Way!



Managing university costs

The links below provide information about ways you can manage the costs of university fees and living expenses.


Pathways to university

There are many pathways into university, check out the links for more information about different pathways.