Resources & links

Parents and carers and other trusted adults play an important role in supporting students to understand and reach their goals.

Below are some resources and links to help you and your child explore post-school options and pathways.

Career exploration


On the myfuture site your child can complete a detailed quiz that assesses their interests, abilities and key skills. Once finished, the site provides a career profile and suggests a range of best-match career choices.

Enquiring Minds

If your child is still in primary school or the early years of high school you might like to check out the Enquiring Minds site. This is a fun, interactive site where your child can learn about different careers and what people working in those jobs actually do.

Make Your Mark

This website helps both parents and students explore the different careers and employment opportunities out there by matching them with your child’s skills and interests.

Managing university costs

The links below provide information about ways students can manage the costs of university fees and living expenses.


Pathways to university

There are many pathways into university, the links below will provide more information about different pathways.



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