What’s Uni Like?

In addition to its core programs, Future Moves also offers What’s Uni Like? a free online resource for students to explore options for transitioning into university.

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Free and self-paced, What’s Uni like? is a virtual learning space that successively builds participants’ skills while delivering information to demystify the process of gaining university entry and create realistic expectations of what university life is like.

Through coursework, quizzes and video presentations, participants are acquainted with the various pathways into university and introduced to the key areas of academic reading and writing, digital literacy and online-learning required for successful study.

Partnerships with other universities and higher education providers across the country have been established and continue to develop to ensure that the opportunity What’s Uni Like? offers, reaches as many students as possible.

Find out more and check out What’s Uni Like? at www.whats-uni-like.edu.au.