What is Future Moves?

Future Moves works with high school and primary school students in regional NSW and north east Victoria to provide a greater awareness of the opportunities that arise from pursuing university study.

Working across more than 70 partner schools, Future Moves sees approximately 14,000 students each year. Future Moves focuses on:

  • Encouraging students to explore career options and the opportunities that come from higher education
  • Inspiring students to both consider and access university as a viable option
  • Helping students to identify the appropriate pathways to achieve their goals
  • Building awareness of university among students who may think that university is not for them
  • Assisting students to identify and overcome real or perceived barriers to tertiary education
  • Familiarising students with university life and options available to them
  • Engaging parents with the aim of encouraging and supporting their families’ understanding of and aspirations for tertiary education
  • Working collaboratively with our partner schools to identify opportunities for teacher and student development

Future Moves runs workshops in schools with students K-12 on a range of age appropriate topics including self development, higher education awareness, study skills, courses and careers, time management, access schemes and finance.

Future Moves also delivers a range of full-day on campus activities at the six CSU campuses for students between years 5-12. On campus events introduce students to a university environment, develop their skills, increase their understanding of further education and different learning environments, broaden students’ knowledge of career paths and change students’ perception of university from a ‘scary’ place only for ‘smart’ people to one that is a friendly environment that is accessible through many pathways and at any age. 

Future Moves on campus events include:

Check it Out! – a hands-on day at a CSU campus for students in Year 5 or 6. The day involves students participating in activities delivered in different faculties, lunch in the university dining hall, an exploration of the campus and a mock graduation ceremony. During the day students are led by Future Moves Leaders. The day aims to introduce students to a university environment, increase their understanding of further education and different learning environments, broaden students’ knowledge of career paths and change students’ perception of university.


Future Directions Day – run for Year 9 students, the students visit a CSU campus to experience faculty led activities and a learning skills lecture. They have an interactive campus tour with Future Moves Leaders, as well as lunch in the university dining hall. The day aims to raise awareness in students about career options, to increase students’ aspirations and motivation towards further education, to give students a fun learning experience on a university campus while engaging with university students and staff.


Skill Fix Days are for year 11 and 12 students and offer on campus sessions covering a range of study skills that relate to university learning. Skill Fix Days aim to support students to develop skills necessary for the transition to further education and to help them develop a greater awareness of university and what it has to offer as a learning environment. It is also an opportunity for students to participate in dialogue with current CSU students and staff (both academic and support) who will inspire and deliver up to date information on university and life on campus.

Student Tab 4

Real Time (student shadowing) is for Year 11 and 12 students to experience university life for a day. Students nominate an area of interest and are paired with a Future Moves Leader who is studying in that area. The day aims to engage students in a real university learning environment supported by current university students who are trained Future Moves Leaders and to increase their knowledge of university and the expectations of studying a specific course. A real time day could include:

  • Attending relevant lectures and tutorials with their Future Moves Leader.
  • A campus tour with a Future Moves Leader introducing other students, academics and tutors while answering questions on aspects of student life.
  • A one on one session with the Equity Officer who will answer questions relating to scholarships, accommodation costs and other money concerns whilst studying at university.
  • Meeting with an ALLaN team member (Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy) who can provide them with tips and tricks on effective study skills.


Camps – these are on campus events where students stay overnight on a CSU campus for one or more nights. The students pictured above were at the Future Moves ABC Career Links Camp which has been designed for students interested in any of the many aspects of broadcasting, print, film and video media.

Danygamalanha Program – within the Future Moves program, Danygamalanha – ‘to excel’, is specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, to build and support aspiration for tertiary study.

Future Moves also runs various programs and activities for those who support students in their post-school choices, including teachers, community members and parents.

Future Moves has team members across CSU’s six campuses Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie and Wagga and works with Primary, Secondary and Central School staff and communities to ensure the best outcomes for its target audiences.

Future Moves receives funding through the Commonwealth Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) which aims to ensure that Australians from low SES backgrounds who have the ability to study at university have the opportunity to do so.

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