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Future Moves

The Future Moves program aims to inspire school students and young people from regional and rural areas to attend university. Working across more than 70 partner schools, Future Moves sees approximately 14,000 students each year. Future Moves’ core activities are workshops in schools and events on campus aimed at ensuring that students can act on their aspirations in informed and effective ways, have a greater awareness of the opportunities that arise from pursuing university study and an understanding of how university might be part of their future, while making school studies more relevant.
Future Moves
Future MovesThursday, December 6th, 2018 at 1:58pm
Hastings Secondary College
Charles Sturt University
Future Moves welcomed over 100 Year 9 students from Hastings Secondary College, Great Lakes College, and Camden Haven High School onto the Port Macquarie campus yesterday for Future Directions Day.

Students had the opportunity to choose their own adventure, selecting workshops from a range of different course areas, including science, paramedics, business, information technology, and graphic design. A few lucky students even received the opportunity to fly some rescue drones, courtesy of Westpac's Little Ripper team!

Future Moves would like to thank everyone involved in the day and congratulate the students on their wonderful involvement!

Tahlia Danks | School Outreach Officer, Mid North Coast

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Future Moves
Future MovesFriday, November 30th, 2018 at 5:12pm
Future Business Leaders

The students from our Strong Moves Camp program worked closely with Dr. Felicity Small and Dr. Clifford Lewis from CSU School of Management and Marketing - SOMM to create business solutions to real problems in their communities. They pitched the business ideas to a panel of CSU academics in a real TV studio with a live audience, but not without having a bit of fun along the way!

Have a look at the video to see a snapshot of what the students experienced.

Future Moves Team | 2018
Mount Austin High School Denison College - Bathurst High Campus Kelso High Campus - Denison College Hastings Secondary College Melville High School Wellington High School Peak Hill Central School
Future Moves
Future Moves
Future MovesTuesday, November 27th, 2018 at 12:30pm
Work Hard, Play Hard!

Thursday morning saw the students strengthening their muscles and balancing skills in an in-depth amputation themed Physiotherapy workshop about amputation and recovery. Others getting up close and personal with the bones of the human body in CSU's Science labs with the dedicated staff from Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health.

'Hard work' aside, there was plenty of time for Strong Moves students to participate in social and creative activities at camp. They navigated their way around the campus in a GoooseChase scavenger hunt with their mentors, working their detective minds and flare for originality.
Students were treated to visiting guests, Tina and Trevor Leaman teaching them of Australian native flora that can be used in traditional weaving. Then putting their own fine motor skills (and patience) to the test with some beautiful weaving of their own.
Attending a local restaurant and filling the lecture theater for a movie night were other, well deserved treats throughout week.

Who ever said University was all work and no play??

Future Moves Team 2018

Mount Austin High School, Denison College - Bathurst High Campus, Kelso High Campus - Denison College, Peak Hill Central School, Hastings Secondary College, Wellington High School, Melville High School
Future Moves
Future MovesMonday, November 26th, 2018 at 5:29pm
Game Changers

The central theme for 2018’s Strong Moves Camp was Entrepreneurialism. Guided by the expertise of Charles Sturt University - CSU School of Business staff, the students looked at how business can work towards social change within their own communities. Choosing their topics, students created business ideas and pitched them in front of a panel of academics and a live studio audience. The pitches took place in our TV studio with all of the technical elements operated by the students as well.

Such incredible work by students all over NSW working together to make a better future!

Future Moves 2018
Mount Austin High School Denison College - Bathurst High Campus Kelso High Campus - Denison College Hastings Secondary College Peak Hill Central School Melville High School Wellington High School
Future Moves
Future MovesTuesday, November 20th, 2018 at 10:33pm
Strong Moves made on day two

After their first sleep in student accommodation, some made an early start and hit the Charles Sturt University - CSU gym, whilst others were slower to rise for the big day ahead.

Students took a leisurely tour of the campus before being swept and smoked by Bathurst Wiradyuri and Aboriginal Community Elders, developed leadership and team work skills with Nik Granger from Student Engagement, baffled their brains in a Psychology workshop before finishing with some green screen fun in the TV studio.

Students are being fed well. They are all full to the brim after bacon and eggs for breakfast courtesy of Renae. Tommy dazzled us with his marinated chicken for lunch and bellies were topped off with dinner at a local Pizza restaurant.

Looking forward to day three.

Future Moves Team 2018

Mount Austin High School Denison College - Bathurst High Campus Kelso High Campus - Denison College Hastings Secondary College Wellington High School Peak Hill Central School Melville High School